H010418-Diamond Flower Shape

Diamond Flower Shape WSAP
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14kwg 1/4ct diamond pendant WSAP

H010421-Diamond Cross Pendant

Dia Cross Pendant WSAA
Larger picture
14kwg 1/10ct diamond cross pendant WSAA

H010423-Star Diamond Pendant

Star Diamond Pendant WSAP
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 14kwg 1/4ct diamond pendant WSAP

H010431-Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamond Heart Pendant BR1
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 14kwg 1/4ct diamond heart pendant BR1

H010503-Diamond 3-Heart Pendant

Diamond 3 Heart Pendant
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New Style 1/4ct 3 Diamond Heart Pendant. We have received dozens of requests for 3 diamond heart pendants, so here it is! ROWP Diamonds are bright and fiery, and very light in color. Comes on a Box Chain.

H020225-Heart Diamond Pendant

Heart Diamond Pendant ROWD
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10kwg 1/4ct diamond pendant ROWD

H030407-Diamond Heart Slim Pendant

Dia Heart Slim Pendant
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14kwg 1/2ct in diamonds heart pendant LCRB

H030417-Diamond Circle Pendant

Diamond Circle Pendant ROWP
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14kwg 1/3ct diamond pendant ROWP

H030438-Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant ROWP
Larger picture
 14kwg 1/4ct diamond pendant ROWP

H030440-Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamond heart Pendant OSAA
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 14kwg 1/5ct diamond heart pendant OSAA

H040433-Diamond Pendant on Box Chain

Diamond Pendant on Box
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 14k 1/4ct Diamond Pendant on Box chain

H040435-Diamond Drop Pendant on Box Chain

Dia Drop Pendant on Box Chain
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14kwg 2/3ct dia drop pend on box chain OWN1

H040473-Diamond Heart

Dia Heart
Larger picture
14kwg 1/2ct diamond heart pendant

H040495-Diamond Shape Pendant w Diamonds

Dia Diamond Shape Pendant
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14k wg .29ct diamond pendant

H050403-Large Diamond Cross

Large Dia Cross
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 10W .05ct Promotional Large Diamond Cross

H100236-Diamond Long Head Pendant

1-Dia Long Head Pendant LCRB
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14kwg 1/2ct 1-diamond long head pendant LCRB

H1003105-Diamond Double Heart Pendant on Cable

Diamond Double Heart Pendant on Cable WSAP
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 14k .08ct diamonds heart pendant on Cable WSAP

H1003106-Diamond Teardrop Pendant on Cable

Dia Teardrop Pendant on Cable WSAP
Larger picture
14k .10ct dia teardrop pendant on Cable WSAP

H110401-Diamond Necklace on Wheat Chain

Diamond Necklace on Wheat Chain
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14 Karat White Gold 1/4ct Diamond Necklace on Wheat Chain, Style Featured in A Diamond Is Forever Ad

H120323-Diamond Cross Pendant

Diamond Cross Pendant WSAP
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14kwg 1/10ct diamond cross pendant WSAP